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Workshop Schedule

Monday, May 6

10:15am — 11:45am | Lead Smarter By Letting go

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for the owner/operator to effectively focus on growth while juggling the many day-to-day responsibilities of a luxury ground transportation company. By emphasizing the importance of delegating to your staff, this session will show you how to be a better—and more efficient—leader by reducing your workload. In addition to demonstrating the value of well-trained personnel, our presenters will help you define and prioritize your duties while giving you pointers on how to manage and inspire all generations of employees, from fresh new hires to veterans, through inclusion and collaboration. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to reflect on your current leadership style, and determine how you can adapt into a smarter manager with less weight on your shoulders.

2:15pm — 3:45pm | Reading the Signs to Be a Better Negotiator

Believe it or not, being an effectual business negotiator requires skills that owe more to Sherlock Holmes than, say, Dale Carnegie. By being able to interpret the mannerisms, tone of voice, or involuntary personal ticks of an associate or sales prospect, you will be able to get the upper hand in finalizing a deal in your favor. This session will demonstrate real-world negotiation tactics and how you can utilize them when working with clients, vendors, and affiliates. Our presenters will show how to use these “detective” skills to better read people not only during face-to-face conversations, but also via email, phone calls, and social media, while also providing you with the low-down on understanding your own emotional intelligence. This is sure to be one of the Austin Retreat’s most talked-about seminars.

Tuesday, May 7

10:15am — 11:45am | M&A Day, Part One: Getting Prepared for the Deal

It’s no secret that luxury ground transportation as we know it is shrinking, due both to natural attrition and the competition from disruptors. And with many in the industry aging, it’s high time that operators of all stages in life give serious thought to preparing an exit strategy. With these trends in mind, we’ve devoted our Tuesday education segments to the increasingly relevant topic of mergers & acquisitions. Spearheaded by Andi Gray of Strategy Leaders, with the input from operators who have firsthand experience with the process—these two seminars will detail all the ins and outs of M&A. Our first morning session will provide insight as to why you should be looking to sell as well as all the necessary preparation required and the pitfalls to avoid. Regardless of whether you’re years or even decades away from exiting the biz, this session will offer a valuable roadmap of where the industry is going, and some of the roadblocks you can avoid along the way.

1:30pm — 3:00pm | M&A Day, Part Two: The Nuts & Bolts of Making It Happen

Part two of our M&A content will cover the all-important topic of valuating your business and the economic and legal hurdles faced during a buy-out. Ask any operator experienced in M&A to describe the single biggest headache they experience during a negotiation, and they will more than likely say it’s an overly inflated valuation by the seller. During this session, our speakers will tell you how to gauge a fair determination of a business’ worth in its current market, so that when it comes time to sell, you’ll have a smooth transaction that’s beneficial to both parties.

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